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个人外汇买卖常识—— 汇率分析篇

由于一国货币的汇率水平往往会对该国的国际贸易、经济增长速度、货币供求状况、甚至于政治稳定都有重要影响,因此当外汇市场投机力量使得该国汇率严重偏离正常水平时,该国中央银行往往会入市干预。中央银行在外汇市场上对付投机者的四大法宝是: 1)直接在外汇市场上买卖本国货币或美元或其它货币 2)提高本国货币的利率 3)收紧本币信贷,严防本国货币外流 4)发表有关声明。各国中央银行通过以上的措施,使得外汇市场上的投机者的融资成本大幅提高,迫使它们止损平仓,铩羽而归,以使汇率回到合理的水平。以上四种方法,尤以中央银行干预外汇市场短期效力最为明显,往往是汇率剧烈波动的原因。个人实盘外汇买卖的客户对此一定要非常敏感。

Basic Forex Trading Strategies 外汇交易常用的分析方法 外汇交易常用的分析方法 and Indicators

The Forex market’s diversity and magnitude allow 外汇交易常用的分析方法 traders the opportunity to create strategies based on movements in the market. When trading Forex, there are a number of trading strategies and indicators to choose from. Each strategy can be customized or tailored to the individual needs of a trader and used in conjunction with other 外汇交易常用的分析方法 strategies.

When considering which trading strategy is best for you, you need to take into account your personal goals, risk appetite, experience and trading preferences. Before exploring the different trading strategies, we will first outline two key trading methodologies: fundamental and technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

Traders generally sit in one of two categories: fundamental or technical.

  • Geopolitics: changes in political policies, tensions between countries, and new treaties or differences can affect the market. Hence, being aware of the geopolitical status can aid traders in their fundamental approach.
  • Central Banks: central banks like the Federal Reserve can affect monetary policy through decisions like interest rates, which can affect currency pairs’ value.
  • Economic Releases: to take a basic example, if an economic report came out that was particularly strong, then it might 外汇交易常用的分析方法 indicate a currency could appreciate relative to another 外汇交易常用的分析方法 currency. However, if all traders expected the economic 外汇交易常用的分析方法 report to be strong (prior to the report being released), the impact of the report would already be ‘priced in’ to the market.

2. Technical 外汇交易常用的分析方法 analysis utilizes chart indicators and past price directions and movement patterns in order to determine whether a currency pair, such as the Euro to US Dollar (EUR/USD), is overbought or oversold. By 外汇交易常用的分析方法 relying on statistical trends or patterns, like volume and price movement (appreciation/depreciation), traders seek to predict which way a currency pair may swing.

There are many types of charts available for Technical Analysis, Plus500 offers Line charts, Bar charts, and Candlestick charts on its trading platform.

Of course, there is no one correct chart to use. Thus, traders can utilize a blend of technical and fundamental analysis to evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Newspaper with the headline “Trade Forex” and a mobile phone with a forex graph.

Approaches and Indicators to Use When Trading Forex:

In addition to the above 外汇交易常用的分析方法 trading methodologies, below is an outline of a 外汇交易常用的分析方法 number of approaches and indicators that can be used when trading Forex.

Position Trading - Position 外汇交易常用的分析方法 trading is a strategy where traders hold positions for longer periods of time, usually weeks or months. Position traders will generally utilize fundamental analysis and economic data. However, when opening a new 外汇交易常用的分析方法 position, position traders might make use of technical 外汇交易常用的分析方法 analysis. Furthermore, a position trader may wait until 外汇交易常用的分析方法 a currency pair reaches a (predetermined) support level 外汇交易常用的分析方法 before taking a long position and holding it for a few weeks. This type of trading is presumably less immediate, as traders are not necessarily concerned with intraday prices and generally open fewer positions (when compared to other trading 外汇交易常用的分析方法 strategies). Nevertheless, as is the case with any kind of trading, traders need to have a 外汇交易常用的分析方法 firm grasp of market fundamentals and position trading largely relies on fundamental analysis.

Position trading can leverage market trends, recurrent styles, and past movements in order to predict and make trading moves. Hence, position traders are often referred to as 'trend followers'.

Indicators in the WebTrader, with a USD/JPY graph in the background.

These are just a few of many different forex trading strategies and indicators 外汇交易常用的分析方法 that traders adopt to help enhance their trading success, there are numerous combinations of FX trading strategies and no limit to the number of technical indicators that you can use.

If you want to learn more advanced trading strategies, then consider our CFD trading platform, featuring more 外汇交易常用的分析方法 than 90 technical indicators, advanced drawing tools and in-depth analytical tools which will help you learn the nuances of Forex CFD trading. You can also practice your skills in our risk-free, unlimited demo account.

To try our indicators, simply sign 外汇交易常用的分析方法 up/log in, select an instrument, go to its chart and click on the (Fx) icon.

*This article contains general information which doesn't take into account your personal circumstances.



目前,外汇市场图形分析主要有点数图、曲线图、线装图、 K 线图四种基本图形,其中曲线图、K 线图应用最为广泛。而在指标方面,外汇市场最常用的指标包括移动平均线、平滑异同移动平均线(MACD)、相对强弱指标(RSI)、随机指标(Stochastics)、布林线(Bollinger Bands)、动量指标、 顺势指标(CCI)、平均趋向指标(ADX)、抛物线转向指标(Parabolic SAR)、变动率指标等。






深入研究技术分析会发现,如果技术分析法则不结合价位来分析,那么这些法则就都成了空中楼阁,没有任何的意义。 如“头肩底”形态是一个非常经典的底部反转形态,它通常出现在汇价的底部区域,但如果在汇价的高价区出现一个“头肩底”形态,那么成熟的投资者宁可退出市场观望,也决不会相信此形态。 因为“在高位最可能出现头部,在低位最可能出现底部”是最朴素也是最有效的投资规律。 重要的价位对汇率的影响意义是不言自明的,如前期澳元突破长期阻力0.80后最高上涨至0.88以上,涨幅高达10%,以及欧元1.30的水平和目前1.37的水平,英镑2.00的水平。一般而言,突破重要价位是买入或卖出的好时机。

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